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Affiliate Program

Become An Anjali Affiliate & Earn Commission on Every Sale


Our Affiliate Program is open to any individual or company that has an internet presence, be it via a website, newsletter or social media.

By promoting our products or website, you can earn a commission on all sales that originate from your venue.

It's quite simple. 

Sign up for the program and create your own affiliate account. 
You will receive your own designated referral link
that you can post on your site. 
You can down load banners and logos that you can use as a referral point, allowing your visitors to simply click on a logo or an image to visit 
All visits will be tracked, and if a purchase is made you will automatically receive a 15% commission on the sale.

You can track visits, sales and commission earned through your own account so that you can always know how much you are earning.
If you have a PayPal account, we can transfer commissions monthly to that account or we can send you a monthly check.e
The choice is yours.

When your customers go to our website, they will receive a 10% off coupon when they sign up for our newsletter, which they can then use
towards their first purchase.
 They will also have the option of joining our retail customer referral program which earns them points that they can then use to make purchases at

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Once you have created an affiliate account, you have a few options.

Once you have logged in to your account, you will be in your affiliate portal.

In your main window will be a display of traffic and orders generated through your account for a quick glance.

You will also find links to discounts that we may offer your customers at any given time, invoices for commission earned as well as a link to specific reports, if you would like to further study how your customers are behaving and what they might respond to.

When you click on “shops” you will see your main Anjali window with a link called “View available media”  There you can find logos and banners that you can use for your site, Facebook page or newsletter.  

You will need to save them to your computer and then use your personal referral link to make the images a clickable ink to our website. 

You also have the option to create your own personal url link to a specific item.  

In the shops page, there is a tab that says “Create your own custom URL”  

If, for example, you decide to repost a picture from our website on your facebook page or as a part of your newsletter, all you need to do is copy our site link to that item into the tab and then generate a custom URL.  That way, whenever clicks that link it registers as having originated from your venue.

There are many different ways that you can generate sales through your portal, as many as you can come up with and obviously the more proactive and creative you are, the greater the possibilities. 

We are always available to assist if you need us to.  Feel free to send us an email to if you have any questions or call our office 973 259 0794